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Rain..Rain..and more Rain

January 28, 2006

Rain…Hmm! We have almost forgotten what it is. It has been a dry winter. I have been watering around the foundation of my house during this winter time. Winter should be a rainy season here. The past summer was also a pretty dry one. The rain finally came early in the morning. It is steady, but not a down-pour.


D’s Retirement Party

January 17, 2006

D has retired. The company threw her a Happy Hour retirement party on Friday (the 13th). It lasted for about two and a half hours. If the area was not reserved by another party, we would have stayed there all night long. I am so happy for her. She can afford to retire in this early age. However, I really missed her at work for all the selfish reasons. She is one of those really “know what is going on” type person there. Oh! well! if the health insurance costs are not so astronomically high, I would have retired too. Too bad, for now, I have not saved enough money to entertain the doctors, healthcare providers, etc. yet.

Life is not fair

January 7, 2006

Life is not fair but God is fair.

Happy 2006!!!

January 3, 2006

1/1 Welcome to P.X.

I went to the first day opening of the nearby P.X. (just initials here so its coorporate lawyers will not after me) for lunch. This was my first time to this chain. Got a big, overwhelming reception. However, nobody told me how to order (they assumed I knew their system – some training issues here). Whenever I tried to look at the pretty menu across the ceiling, someone would interrupt me again “Welcome to P.X.” (not a bad thing, better than many other restaurants). Anyway, my pea-size brain figured it out in less than 30 seconds what they expected me to gear up to their expectation. I guess it could be the noise from the exhaust fan right above the “servers/order takers”, they could not hear me. So, we finally settled to use the body language to finish the order-taking process. Lots of friendly smile. 😀

Overall impression was okay. There are still room for improvement though. Food was good. I will go back again.

Hello world!

January 3, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!